Artistic resin flooring Italy

Colledani creates any kind of seamless flooring. Epoxy Resin flooring systems are ideally suited for home and commercial environments such as restaurant and bar areas, warehouses, showrooms, private houses, villas and many other where a hard-wearing, attractive and customized floor finish is required.
Because of the unlimited color palate, style flooring can be changed and designed as you like to create artistic free form, intricate designs to suit any décor. Colledani ArtFloor SL is the ideal product to use in any situation when you need to highly impacted flooring in public places.

Artistic Resin Floor Characteristics:

Self-smoothing pigmented Epoxy Resin.
Style flooring can be designed, coloured, toned and finished to best suit any décor and needs.
Good yellowing resistance of self-levelling epoxy resin.