Training to be a resin floor installers / Become resin floor installer

Working with Colledani doesnt means only to become resin floor installer but it is a system of work that goes from the relationship with the customer, to the sales system and finishs with the completion of the floors. The care and quality of our systems has allowed us to become what we are today and created the brand Colledani that sets us apart from others.

Our aim has always been to simplify as much as possible the implementation of our floors to make it easy to replicate the pose for all our resin floor installers.

We offer a real opportunity for business given by the possibility to install both floor and wall systems designed and tested in the last ten years.

We are looking for companies that want to grow and improve, they want to add the Colledani products to their existing business or who wish to work with us. We created a  unique affiliation system for using the Colledani products and creating a Colledani showrooms. We are looking for professionalism and passion for the product and energy in carrying out projects.




The training to become resin floor installer is carried out at our headquarters in Pasian di Prato (UD, Italy); the duration is two days, during which the focus will be the main issues concerning the laying of resin floors. In particular systems will be analyzed Colledani Materia, self-leveling resins and decorative resins / 3d floors.

The training courses are designed for all individuals motivated to pursue a new career or to broaden the knowledge of an innovative booming product:

construction companies
interior design companies

Benefits of Colledani seamless flooring training:

  • In-house training seminar incorporating practical demonstrations and classroom-based learning.
  • A deeper understanding of Colledani flooring systems, characteristics and workability as well as practical guidance on how to avoid common errors.
  • Discounted rates on Colledani materials.
  • Resin flooring installer Certificate


Colledani is in a continous search of distributors/reseller for it’s resin floor materials and systems. For further information on how to become our distributor/reseller please contact us on our mail: info@colledani.it or compile the form bellow.

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