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Epoxy resin floor system is ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial applications in areas requiring durability, easy maintenance, a high degree of sanitation, attractive appearance, and high resistance to chemicals, corrosives, or heat. No matter where you apply it, epoxy floor coating has many benefits, including its resistance to chemicals and ease of cleaning. There are many types of resin floor systems that offer a variety of functions, providing hard-wearing, durable finishes that are easily maintained.

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Typologies of Resin Floors | Foto Gallery

pardoseli microtopping
“Materia” resin floor
A selection of our interior / exterior special cement compound flooring system case studies. Materia is extremely versatile for any flooring or resurfacing project.
pardoseli epoxidice
Self leveling Epoxy Floor
Self-levelling epoxy floor system for commercial and residential applications.
pardoseli decorative
Decorative Epoxy Floor
Trends for decorative systems within the commercial sector have risen. Follow this link to view a selection of our decorative case studies from all resin flooring projects.
pardoseli epoxidice industriale
Industrial Epoxy Resin Flooring
Examples of our industrial resin flooring projects.