“Cericum” is special resin floor system, named also microtopping design both for interior and exterior

Cericum is a pre-blended resin floor system which is mixed with water only and applied over surfaces such as concrete slab, mortar or self levelling screed, ceramic tiles, marble, stone etc…
Cericum resin floor system contains a dried version of co-polymer, and a blend of special components that ensure superior bonding to various substrate. Cericum resin floor system is suitable for indoor and outdoor appliances and is unaffected by freeze/thaw conditions and salt treatments.

Cericum system is extremely versatile for a variety of commercial and industrial flooring or resurfacing project.
Cericum system is suitable to realize admirable surfacing an resurfacing projects and gets extreme variety of uses in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Colledani Cericum Technical Data Sheet

Residential floor

Commercial flooring