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Colledani company is settled in the north-eastern part of Italy and deals with floor applications since late 1989, making any kind of effort in order to specialize on the various kind of flooring systems available. Nevertheless, before that, the company started off the activity with industrial concrete floors, sand and cement screeds. The owner, and administrator of the company, takes care of all kind of tasks starting off from the management up to the research and the execution of works, in order to maintain a continuous excellence on quality standard.

The company, which has the property of all tools and machines, is totally self-reliant and able to fulfil any kind of demand from customers. The experience achieved through several years of activity, in the application of seamless flooring, epoxy resin floor, with very skilled workers and unique techniques developed during the research on the best seamless flooring components, make the company able to carry out any kind of project, turning out the choice of choosing high profile experienced people as its own staff, helps to maintain as mandatory, the high standard performance.


The reputation of the Colledani brand as well its top quality seamless floors no longer has to be made. The Colledani brand is now sought out by consumers. It is synonymous with eco-responsibility, beauty, durability, and overall quality.

We are givining you the possibility to be on this map to, we are in a continuous search of new partners, companys all over the world.

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